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Why are missing channels T2?


This happens due to an antenna that operates in the network unstable digital television T2. How to fix the situation ?! 

In order to solve the problem with a check on any channel available. 

We have a multiplex, What is it ?! 

Multiplex - a set of television and radio channels over a single digital channel. 

Thus we have a digital television multiplex 4, in each of which 8 channels. You need to check which channels do not. Below you can see the distribution of TV channels in the multiplex (numbering). 

Multiplex 1 - 1 to 8 channel 
Multiplex 2 - 9 to 16 channel 
3 Multiplex - from 17 to 24 channel 
4 Multiplex - 25 to 32 channel 
Once you have decided what you are missing multiplex looking for in the list COVERAGE DVB-T2, which you download by clicking on the link - the city towards which the direction of your antenna. 

The table shows the following city and address - covering radius and multiplexes to watch the desired channel frequency multiplex remember. 

Frequency channel - the band of radio frequencies in the VHF or UHF for transmitting radio signals sound and picture television media. 

Go to the menu tuner-channel search, manual search and enter a frequency channel that is missing in 3-4 seconds on the scale of quality, you should see the signal levels, after you have seen the light, press the OK button. Tuner finds himself missing TV channels and add to the list. 

If there is no signal, try to readjust the antenna (twist), that appeared on the scale of quality of the signal, At least 40-50%, and then click Search.


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